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Frequently Asked Questions about Travel to Zurich


What are day trip I can do from Zurich?
There are many exciting day trips you can take from Zurich, such as visiting the charming town of Lucerne, exploring the picturesque Swiss countryside in Grindelwald, or taking a relaxing boat trip to Schaffhausen to see the iconic Rhine Falls. Other popular options include visiting charming medieval towns like Stein am Rhein.


How many days in Zurich?
The number of days you should spend in Zurich depends on your travel preferences and itinerary. Many travelers find three to four days sufficient to explore the city's top attractions, while others may want to stay longer to fully immerse themselves in its culture and charm. Ultimately, it's up to you how many days you want to spend in Zurich, but we recommend at least four.


What currency is used in Zurich?
The official currency of Zurich and Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). However, most establishments also accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Some places may also accept euros, but it's always best to have some CHF on hand for smaller purchases. ATMs are readily available throughout the city for convenient currency exchange.


How can I get around the city?
Zurich has an excellent public transportation system, including trams, buses, and trains. The city is also very walkable, with most attractions within walking distance of each other. Taxis and rental cars are also available for those who prefer a more private mode of transportation. Visitors can purchase a Zurich Card for discounted rates on public transportation and free entry to select museums


What kind of power plugs and sockets are used in Zurich?
Zurich, and Switzerland in general, utilize type C (2-pin) and Type J (3-pin) plugs. It's worth noting that Type C 2-pin plugs are also compatible with J sockets. These plug types are consistent with those found in other European countries, making it convenient for travelers within the region. For visitors from the USA or Canada, it may be necessary to use an adapter for electronic devices.


How far is Zurich from the major ski resorts?
Zurich is a convenient starting point for those wanting to explore the Swiss Alps and its renowned ski resorts. The closest major ski resort, Engelberg, is just 85 kilometers (53 miles) from Zurich, while other popular destinations like Zermatt, Davos, and St. Moritz are within a three-hour drive or train ride from the city. With its central location, Zurich is the perfect base for winter sports enthusiasts to explore the stunning Swiss mountains.


Are there any tourist passes to save money on attractions?
Yes, there are several tourist passes available to visitors in Zurich, such as the Zurich Card or the Zürich Pass. These passes offer discounted rates on public transportation and free entry to select museums and attractions. It's worth researching which pass best suits your travel plans before your trip to get the most value out of it.


What language is spoken in Zurich?
The official languages of Zurich are German, French, and Italian. However, the majority of the population speaks Swiss German dialects. English is also widely spoken and understood in tourist areas and establishments. As a visitor to Zurich, you'll have no trouble communicating with locals as most people are multilingual.


Is Zurich a family-friendly destination?
Yes, Zurich is an excellent destination for families. With its safe and clean streets, family-friendly attractions such as the zoo and numerous parks, and easy access to outdoor activities like hiking and skiing, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy.


What food is Zurich famous for?
Zurich is famous for its traditional Swiss dishes, such as fondue and raclette, made with melted cheese and served with bread or potatoes. Also popular are rosti, a potato dish often served for breakfast, and Zurcher geschnetzeltes, a creamy veal dish with mushrooms and onions. Don't miss out on trying some delicious Swiss chocolate at Lindt Home of Chocolate.

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