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Florence is known as the "cradle of the Italian Renaissance". It is also one of Forbes' most beautiful cities in the world due to its architectural and artistic treasures. Ranked in the top fifty fashion capitals of the world, Florence is an important city of fashion. Because Florence was a medieval financial and trading centre, it became one of the wealthiest cities of its time. Condor has your cheap flights to Florence.

Florence - Italy's distinguished city of art - is an art lover's dream with its marvelous museums displaying the treasures of the art world. With Condor's cheap flights, you can see the prized works of the masters, such as Michelangelo, Dante, and Galileo. Visit this cosmopolitan city with its ties to the past, with cheap flights to Florence. Don't forget to sample the famous Tuscan cuisine!

Flight facts

Your cheap flight to Florence will arrive at the Florence Amerigo Vespucci International Airport. Flights depart from many major US airpots, including Denver and Baltimore. Upon arrival of your cheap flight to Florence, you will easily find taxis and buses to transport you to the bustling city center. Transportation costs in and around Florence are very reasonable. If you take a bus, the routes are named for landmarks to make navigating the city much easier.

Peak travel season to Florence runs from April through November. Florence offers cool winters and dry summers. With your cheap flight to Florence, you can choose the best time of year for your holiday in Florence. Connecting Florence to the rest of Italy is a modern railway and train system. Book your cheap plane tickets with Condor and explore all the treasures that are housed in Florence.

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