Rebook your flight

Change of plans? Simply rebook your flight!

In today's world, situations can change quickly and you may want to start your trip at a different time or simply extend your vacation.  With Condor you can easily rebook your flight yourself!

How to change your booking online

Did you book your flight on and now want to simply rebook it yourself? No problem at all! You can change your flight time, date and destination in just a few easy steps.

Step 1.

Access your booking.

Step 2.

Select the details that you want to change.

Step 3.

Rebook your flight.

  • Enter your requested changes in the form provided and submit your search enquiry.
  • You will then be shown all alternative flights.
  • Select your new flight, check the details and confirm your information.
  • You will then be shown an overview of your changed booking.

  • Confirm your new booking.
  • If there is a price difference between your new flight and original flight, you will need to pay this amount.
  • You will then receive confirmation of your rebooked flight.

Requirements for independent rebooking

  • You can only change bookings made online via If you booked your flight somewhere else, please contact our service center or your travel agency.
  • You can change your round trip or only change part of your booking and/or date.
  • You cannot change the number of passengers or your details.
  • It is also not possible to edit any extras.
  • You may be required to pay rebooking fees, which you will be informed about after selecting your flight.
  • Where possible, we will transfer your booked extra to your new booking. For example, if you have reserved a seat but it is already reserved for another passenger on your rebooked flight, we will contact you.
  • You can rebook your flight up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Flights can only be rebooked within the same classes and fare categories.
  • Flight bookings with Rail & Fly or transportation of animals cannot be rebooked.
  • You can rebook your flight as many times as you want, but fees will apply.