Entry Regulations and Customs


“Your Way Through Customs” – this brochure provides information on souvenirs, import restrictions, allowances and much more.

Brochure from the German Customs Office: “Your Way Through Customs”

The brochure from the German Customs Office contains information on which souvenirs you can bring back with you without hesitation and what the allowances are for importing certain goods.

The brochure provides information on allowances for special areas, such as the Canary Islands, for example, as well as the costs for exceeding the permitted allowances. In the brochure, you can also find answers to questions concerning the import of animals and plants as well as cultural goods.

You can download the brochure at www.zoll.de in the “Publications/Brochures” section (subsection: “Travel and Post/Brochures Travel Time – Your Way Through Customs”)