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Covid-19: Update on the Condor flight schedule

Regular flight schedule until 30 April

Condor had to severely restrict its regular flight schedule until 30 April 2020 due to the travel warning issued by the German government and following the entry bans into the European Union and many Condor destinations.

The flights of the restricted alternative flight schedule can be booked regularly. Guests whose return flights from these destinations have been cancelled can rebook their ticket free of charge for these flights in the alternative flight schedule, exclusively from and to Frankfurt:

  • Palma de Mallorca: Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays
  • Jerez de la Frontera: Saturdays
  • Tenerife: Mondays, Fridays
  • Gran Canaria: Sundays
  • Seattle*: Mondays, Thursdays

*) Our partner Alaska Airlines provides shuttle flights from over 30 cities in the USA to our flight from Seattle, or onward flights for US Americans who urgently need to get home from Europe.

Return flight schedule to Germany

Condor is in close contact with all responsible authorities at home and abroad to ensure that holidaymakers are brought back home as quickly as possible. As part of the Federal Foreign Office's airlift and in close cooperation with tour operators, Condor is also continuing to launch a large number of special flights in the coming days. Guests of these flights will be informed directly by their tour operator or by the Federal Foreign Office.

The entire return flight schedule, including regular flights and all special flights, for the next 72 hours will be continuously updated. This return flight schedule will be published tomorrow for the next 72 hours. We are checking further flights at full speed and ask for patience in the meantime.

Rebooking and cancellation options

Condor offers all guests with a planned departure by 30 April 2020 a free rebooking of their ticket to any destination in the route network of Condor and its partner airlines at a time of their choice. If you do not want to commit to a date yet, you do not have to.

Passengers who have booked their trip as part of a package tour are kindly asked to contact their tour operator.

Due to an increased volume of calls to our hotline, longer waiting times may currently occur. We kindly ask guests whose flight does not leave within the next 72 hours and who are currently not abroad to contact us at a later time. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

To all guests in Cape Town (South Africa)

The responsible authorities in South Africa have decided to close Cape Town Airport for the time being. Therefore, Condor has to suspend its flights to Cape Town temporarily. In cooperation with the German Foreign Office, we are doing everything to find short-term solutions for this matter to set up further special flights.

Overview return flights to Germany

This list will be continuously updated and published again tomorrow for the next 72 hours:

Regular Condor flights

(bookable at if available / free rebooking of existing tickets for cancelled flights possible)

  • April 3rd 2020, DE1479 Tenerife-Frankfurt
  • April 4th 2020, DE1553 Jerez-Frankfurt
  • April 4th 2020, DE1503 Palma de Mallorca-Frankfurt
  • April 5th 2020, DE1405 Gran Canaria-Frankfurt
  • April 5th 2020, DE1503 Palma de Mallorca-Frankfurt
  • April 6th 2020, DE2033 Seattle-Frankfurt
  • April 6th 2020, DE1479 Tenerife-Frankfurt
  • April 9th 2020, DE1503 Palma de Mallorca-Frankfurt
  • April 9th 2020, DE2033 Seattle-Frankfurt
  • April 10th 2020, DE1479 Tenerife-Frankfurt
  • April 11th 2020, DE1553 Jerez-Frankfurt
  • April 11th 2020, DE1503 Palma de Mallorca-Frankfurt

Condor special flights from tour operators or the Foreign Office

(Guests on these flights will be informed directly by their tour operator or the Foreign Office, flights cannot be booked, exceptions are marked) 

  • April 3rd 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 3rd 2020, DE8705 Colombo-Frankfurt (bookable as long as available via, processing fee is due)
  • April 3rd 2020, DE8785 Havana-Frankfurt
  • April 3rd 2020, DE8781 Jakarta-Frankfurt
  • April 3rd 2020, DE8855 Rangoon-Frankfurt
  • April 3rd 2020, DE8899 Sydney-Frankfurt
  • April 4th 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 4th 2020, DE8897 Melbourne-Frankfurt
  • April 4th 2020, DE8819 Mexico City-Frankfurt (bookable as long as available via, processing fee is due)
  • April 4th 2020, DE8759 Phuket-Frankfurt
  • April 4th 2020, DE8855 Rangoon-Frankfurt
  • April 5th 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 5th 2020, DE8895 Brisbane-Frankfurt
  • April 5th 2020, DE8759 Phuket-Frankfurt
  • April 6th 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 6th 2020, DE8893 Perth-Frankfurt
  • April 6th 2020, DE8759 Phuket-Frankfurt
  • April 6th 2020, DE8893 Sydney-Frankfurt
  • April 7th 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 7th 2020, DE8773 Barbados-Frankfurt
  • April 7th 2020, DE8759 Phuket-Frankfurt
  • April 8th 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 8th 2020, DE8793 Barbados-Frankfurt
  • April 8th 2020, DE8759 Phuket-Frankfurt
  • April 8th 2020, DE8793 Tobago-Frankfurt
  • April 9th 2020, DE8763 Bangkok-Frankfurt
  • April 9th 2020, DE8759 Phuket-Frankfurt

Status: April 3rd 2020, 11:00 CET