Entry Regulations and Customs

API Data Form

For flights to/from: Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico or the USA, airlines are legally obliged to provide additional passenger information, the so-called API data ("Advance Passenger Information").

Full information about API data

Condor is required to provide Secure Flight data and Advanced Passenger Information (API) for each passenger, specifically on flights from/to the USA and Puerto Rico (arrivals, departures, stopovers and transfers), also for some destinations that entail flying over the USA.

In practical terms, Secure Flight data means: Title/gender, first name, family name, date of birth, redress number (if any). These will automatically be recorded at the time of making bookings.  

Advanced Passenger Information (API) must be entered separately.  The following data are required in addition to passport details:

  • Main country of residence
  • Full first address while staying in the USA, including street, number, city, state and zip code.

Please provide your API data online at My Booking, at least 75 hours before departure. If that is not possible, the required data will be taken when checking in at the departure airport.

Passenger data will be transmitted to the US authorities on the date of departure over the Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS). Please ensure your details are correct and complete in order to avoid being inconvenienced at the destination airport on arrival.

Enter API data