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Welcome to Rome

Rolling hills, majestic mountains, charming villages and lively cities: it's no wonder what attracts millions of visitors to Italy each year. The combination of history, modernity, culture and naturally exquisite cuisine offers guests a truly all-in-one vacation destination. Visit the heart of the country with a flight to Rome. Condor flights to Rome are available from a variety of major US airports such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

With a millennia worth of history, culture and art packed into the city, Rome has something fascinating to see around every corner. For just this reason it is commonly known as "the Eternal City". A flight to Rome makes for a perfect start to a vacation in Italy. There's more than enough to keep you busy here, but it's also a perfect starting point for further adventures. Book a cheap flight to Rome and let Italy welcome you.

Flight facts

A flight to Rome is practical for those looking to explore Italy or Europe. It's central location and ample train connections make it a convenient home base. Depending on your point of departure, a flight to Rome can vary dramatically in flight time. From the east coast, the trip takes approximately 8.5 hours, while those leaving from cities like San Francisco will need around 12 hours in the air.

Condor aims to make your flying experience as comfortable as possible. Although a flight to Rome may be long, we're sure you'll be glad you made the journey once you're there. We don't just offer flights to Rome, but to a multitude of other European cities. If you're a fan of urban vacations, Condor has cheap flights to Rome, Amsterdam, and Barcelona, just to name a few.

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