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Welcome to Zurich

Switzerland is a beautiful country with a proud and independent spirit. The Alps, which often create tough passes and can make travel quite difficult, have protected the country from outsiders for much of its history. Many people take flights to Zurich to take in the spectacular natural beauty of the place. Others take flights to Zurich for its upscale living and for international business transactions. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it here.

Switzerland is a wonderland of lakes, mountains, and lush forests. During the winter, people take flights to Zurich to hit the slopes at some of the world's most exclusive ski resorts. The summer months are also a popular time to book flights to Zurich with Condor. A well-marked network of hiking trails and cycling paths put the entire countryside at your fingertips. Boating and other water activities are popular as well.

Flight facts

When you decide to book a flight to Zurich with Condor, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price and the service on your journey to the Alpine country of Switzerland. Flights to Zurich are serviced from a number of different airports throughout the US, including San Francisco, Minneapolis and Baltimore. Some routes even offer daily service to Zurich, giving the passenger a number of cheap flight options from which to choose.

Passengers on flights to Zurich will be very pleased at the facilities at the Zurich Airport. The Skymetro people mover makes getting between the three terminals a breeze. Located just 13 km north of Zurich's city centre, the airport provides easy access to the city for those arriving on flights to Zurich. A rail station is located under the terminal, and bus and tram options also exist.

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