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Since 1956, Condor Airlines has been the bridge for travelers seeking the allure of Europe's captivating destinations. Each year, 9 million travelers fly with Condor, departing from major airports to approximately 90 desirable destinations throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas. With a fleet of more than 50 aircraft, Condor ensures the highest level of safety, backed by the dedicated expertise of Condor Technik GmbH in Frankfurt Int. and Dusseldorf. For U.S. passengers, the treasures of Europe have never been closer. Whether it's the lively streets of Hamburg, the historic charm of Frankfurt or the cultural richness of Munich, Condor is your passport to the ideal European getaway.

Through strategic partnerships with renowned airlines, we provide seamless flights from U.S. hubs to European gems such as Amsterdam, Florence Zurich, as well as Paris/Charles de Gaulle and Rome/Fiumicino. Recognized as one of the best airlines to fly to Europe, Condor is the American traveler's key to affordable European adventures. Whether you're drawn to Europe's major cities or its tranquil coastal towns, Condor guarantees competitive airfares. The convenience and comfort of flying with Condor provides the foundation for an unforgettable European escape. For unparalleled deals, especially to scenic destinations, trust Condor. Your European adventure awaits! ✈

Our new look and fleet

In the spring of 2022, Condor, Germany's leading vacation airline, introduced its new brand identity with the slogan: "Vacations are striped. And Condor is vacation." Inspired by iconic summer symbols such as parasols, bath towels and beach chairs, Condor adopted a vibrant striped design in five different colors. This transformation underscores its evolution from an airline to an iconic vacation brand.

This refreshed look took to the skies with the inaugural flight of the Condor A330neo in the fall of 2022. As the first German airline to do so, Condor will eventually operate 21 of these long-haul A330neo aircraft. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled efficiency, this latest 2-liter aircraft leads in Europe, boasting an impressive 2.1 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers, all while prioritizing passenger comfort.