Barrier-free travel:

Travelling with and without an attendant or companion

When preparing for the flight, please note the following with regard to travelling with and without an attendant or companion:

Barrierefrei reisen - mit und ohne Begleitperson

General Information and Registration

We can generally accept an unlimited number of visually or mobility-impaired passengers travelling with a companion or attendant. For safety reasons, we can only accept a limited number of visually or mobility-impaired persons travelling without a companion or attendant. The actual number of persons depends on the aircraft type. We ask that visually or mobility-impaired persons who wish to travel without a companion or attendant please contact our Special Reservations staff as far in advance as possible.

If you are a passenger with a mobility impairment, please note: If you are unable to cover distances alone on the ground or in the airplane, then you can only travel without a companion or attendant if: the entire trip takes no more than 14 hours, you have been prepared by your physician for an extended flight, and you agree to accept restrictions with respect to meals/beverages. This also applies with regard to the distance from the seat to the lavatory (see Courtesy Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Transportation).

Please note:
If our Medical Service does not believe that an escort is required, then only a limited number of passengers with special disabilities may travel on a flight without a suitably qualified attendant.