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Upgrade Auction: Log-in. Bid. Take off!

You are in control: With the SeatBoost app on your smartphone or tablet, you bid on the best seats on selected long-haul flights. Until shortly before departure, free seats in higher booking classes are auctioned off to the highest bidders in a live auction procedure. The new boarding pass is displayed directly in the app if the bid is accepted – upgrading made simple.

This is how SeatBoost works in four steps:

1. Download the app:
First download the app using the QR code or the link below and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

2. Log in:
Identify yourself using your booking code and name. You will then see all available auctions for your flight, as well as further information. Finally, link your credit card to the app to pay for the upgrade if you win the bid.

3. Bidding
Auctions start 24 hours in advance and end approximately 60 minutes before departure. You can bid free of charge as long as the auction is running. Only when you win the bid, you will pay your bidding amount for the higher booking class. Tip: Keep a close eye on the bidding procedure, and bid in time to stay in the race.

4. Take off
You have won the bid? Congratulations on your upgrade to the higher booking class! Your new boarding pass is displayed directly in the app. Now, it is just a matter of boarding, leaning back and enjoying the flight to the fullest...


Overview of the travel classes

You can find an overview of the individual classes and seat categories here.
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The benefits of Business Class can be found here.


Download the app: