Name changes

Did you mistype a name when making your reservation, or confuse the first name and surname ? All the info you need is here.

Free name changes

These include:

  • Minor name changes involving up to three characters
  • Switching over the first name and surname or v.v.
  • Changing a title from Mr to Ms/Mrs or v.v.
  • Change of surname following marriage

Paid-for name changes

Name changes involving more than three characters in...

  • Premium Economy Class tariff: A reservation-change fee applies. Any difference in fare must also be paid if applicable.
  • Premium Economy Class tariff with Flex option: Up to three name changes are free of charge, but any difference in fare must be paid.


  • We regret name changes are not possible if your reservation includes connecting flights.
  • In the case of a round trip, no name changes are possible after the outbound flight has taken place.