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Flights with European Air Charter

Condor has been working in cooperation with the Bulgarian airline European Air Charter since September 2020.

Flights with European Air Charter

Take off with our partner airline

With our partner airline European Air Charter, you can fly to Bulgaria from Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Erfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Hanover, Bremen, Vienna, Linz and Graz Airport.

In a nutshell

Tel.: +(49) 30 884 878 19
Fax: +(49) 30 884 878 18

If you wish to change or cancel your booking, please contact the Condor customer service.

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Flights with European Air Charter
Hand luggage

1 Hand luggage, 6 kg,  55 x 40 x 20 cm

Free baggage

20 kg

Sports baggage

In the free baggage allowance at no extra charge. Permitted when booked in advance

Transporting animals

Animals in the cabin: permitted/free of charge with a weight of up to 8 kg incl. box

Animals in the cargo hold: not permitted

European Air Charter is a private Bulgarian airline founded in June 2000 to transport passengers, goods and mail to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East.

As of the end of 2016, the airline has 9 "Boeing McDonnell Douglas 82" aircraft and 6 "Airbus A320" aircraft. Condor’s General Terms and Conditions apply.