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On the Condor website, you can book connecting flights with our partner airlines. Here, you can get information about our partner airlines.

Condor’s route network has expanded to over 250 destinations worldwide through the cooperation with our partner airlines. In addition to flights in most of the dream destinations in the Caribbean, Condor also offers flights to a large number of holiday destinations in Latin America.

In addition, the range also includes flights to North America and Hawaii through partnerships, along with numerous additional destinations added to the timetable.

Information regarding your checked baggage: your baggage will be checked through to your final destination, unless local customs/immigration policies (e.g. USA) do not allow this.

FlySafari, JetBlue and WestJet: For connecting flights with FlySafair (FA), you must always collect your baggage at the baggage conveyor belt of the transfer airport and check it in again for the onward flight.

The same can apply to flights from USA/Canada with JetBlue (B6) or WestJet (WS) if you have a connecting flight with one of our partner airlines after arrival in Frankfurt. Please ask an employee at the check-in counter whether your baggage will be checked through.

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