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Alaska Mileage Plan™

Earn miles with Alaska Mileage Plan™ whenever you fly with Condor or Alaska Airlines.

Earn Miles with Alaska Mileage Plan™

Earning miles was never that easy! As a member of the Alaska Mileage Plan™ you can earn miles on every Condor and Alaska Airlines flight.

Simply show your member card at check-in or provide your details during online check-in. The miles will be automatically credited to your account.

Mileage Plan™ Credits at a Glance

Business Class

100% Base miles

100% Cabin bonus

Premium Economy Class

100% Base miles

25% Cabin bonus

Economy Class with Flex Option

100% Base miles

No Cabin bonus

Economy Class Classic

75% Base miles

No Cabin bonus

Economy Class with Promotional Rate

50% Base miles

No Cabin bonus

Here are some examples

If you fly from...

...Frankfurt to Seattle and have booked a Economy Class Classic tariff you will earn:

  • 5,094 miles travelled x 75% base miles = 3,820 miles

...Frankfurt to Portland and have booked a promotional Economy Class tariff you will earn:

  • 5,213 miles travelled x 50% base miles = 2,606 miles

If you fly from...

...Frankfurt to San Diego and have booked Premium Economy you will earn:

  • 5,819 miles travelled x 125% base miles = 7,274 miles

...Frankfurt to Anchorage and have booked Business Class you will earn:

4,663 miles travelled x 200% base miles = 9,326 miles

Redeeming Miles

Mileage Plan award flights and upgrades will soon be available for Condor flights.

Check here to see how many miles you need for an award flight or an upgrade award on Alaska Airlines flights.

Flights awards and upgrades