Baggage and Animals

Sports Equipment and Other Baggage

Sports equipment and other baggage – this section provides information on transporting sports equipment, photographic and film materials, Christmas trees, and more.

From Sports Equipment up to Donation and Aid Supplies

What happens if you are travelling with more than just your regular baggage? In the following section, we have listed what you need to know if you are travelling with, e.g. Sports equipment or transporting photographic or film material. You can also find information here on transporting Christmas trees, cargo as well as donations and aid supplies.

Additional regulations may apply if you fly on airlines other than Condor, e.g. if feeder or connecting flights are operated by other airlines.

Against harmful wildlife trade

Condor is committed to combating unsustainable and illegal wildlife trade, in accordance with CITES* regulations, and has a zero tolerance policy towards the transport of endangered and threatened species, hunting trophies (including legally hunted or legally acquired trophies) or other products associated with illegal wildlife activities, as carry-ons or checked baggage. Training is provided, in accordance with IATA guidelines for animal transport, which includes close scrutiny of documents and examination of transport containers.

* Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES).