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Hope you loved our Black Friday Flight Deals 'Condor striped week'! We brought the holiday spirit in colorful stripes and guess what? We're not stopping there! Exciting new promotions are about to take off, adding a splash of color to your holiday season with the finest flight deals to Europe. Whether it's a solo trip, a family excursion, or a romantic journey you're planning, we've got something special brewing for everyone. 

Meanwhile, grab some insider tips for next Black Friday's flight deals and explore our inspiring collection of content that will kick-start your wanderlust and shape your next adventure.

Condor Striped Week

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Tricks to Score the Best Black Friday Flight Deals 2023

Start Early with Black Friday Flight Deals 2024

Be the first to know about our Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2024 flight deals. Keep an eye on our website regularly, and you’ll be in the perfect spot to snag some savings!


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With our vast route network, flexibility means you can save money on flight tickets during our Black Friday deals.


Explore Our Black Friday Flights Network

Sometimes, exploring alternative routes or destinations can offer even a bigger discount and saving opportunities during our Black Friday deals.


Loyalty and Black Friday Deals:

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Always Check Our Official Website

Maximize Savings by booking online. Our user-friendly website makes it quick and easy to book the best Black Friday flight deals, select your seat, and manage your booking all in one place. You can start exploring our winter and summer destinations timetable and kickstart planning your next adventure today.


Read the Fine Print

To fully benefit from our Black Friday flights and save money, ensure you're well-informed about restrictions and fees. That way you can confidently book the deal that best suits your travel needs and budget.


Quick Decisions for the Best Deals

Hurry, Black Friday flight deals for can run out quickly! Act fast to ensure the best deals. Your next adventure awaits!


Check Out Multi-city Black Friday Flights

Our multi-city routes might be your hidden gem during this Black Friday deals season, providing opportunities to save money and explore more.


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Always a good tip: plan in advance

This ensures a smoother travel experience and access to the best deals and options. Let us inspire you with all our destinations worldwide.


Travel Safe, Save Big

Our commitment to safety and comfort remains unchanged, even with all these discount and savings opportunities through our Black Friday flights and deals. Experience unbeatable prices without compromising on safety or comfort, as we ensure every Black Friday deal upholds our rigorous standards of excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Friday Flight Deals

Will flight prices go down on Black Friday?

Yes, flight prices often see significant reductions during Black Friday. Our Black Friday travel deals are among the best in the industry, ensuring that you secure the cheapest flights for your desired routes.


What is the cheapest time to fly in?

Secure top rates with Black Friday travel deals, but for the cheapest flights, aim for mid-week departures, particularly Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as late winter to early spring.


Is Black Friday a good time to fly?

Absolutely! Make the most of the Black Friday long weekend with unbeatable airfare deals and an extensive selection of round trip flights. Exceptional value for your money is just a click away!


Which US airports offer the cheapest Black Friday flights?

Numerous US airports roll out exceptional Black Friday bargains. While specific deals shift annually, key hubs like JFK (New York), LAX (Los Angeles), SEA (Seattle), MIA (Miami), BWI (Baltimore-Washington), and BOS (Boston) are noted for their Black Friday offerings. Also, consider exploring discounts at all Condor network airports in the USA: PDX (Portland), PHX (Phoenix), MSP (Minneapolis), ANC (Anchorage), SFO (San Francisco), and SAT (San Antonio). We extend flights from multiple other airports via arrangements with partner airlines, giving passengers choice and flexibility in selecting their city or airport code.


How can I maximize my savings during Black Friday sales?

Start early and set reminders for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to secure the best deal. Check our website for exclusive online promotions and outstanding offers. Additionally, bundle your flight bookings with services like car rentals or activities to unlock more valuable packaged discounts.


Always consider the flexibility of your dates and destination, as sometimes shifting your plans by a day or two can result in significant savings. Lastly, joining our loyalty program can offer priority access or extra discounts during these peak sale periods.


Do flights get cheaper on Cyber Monday?

Yes, similar to our Black Friday offerings, Cyber Monday also provides an opportunity for cheap flight bookings. Sometimes, flight prices for specific routes or destinations might be even more competitive on Cyber Monday.


When do Black Friday flight deals start in the USA?

Black Friday flight deals in the USA typically kick off on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Get ready to mark your calendars for the next thrilling week of deals and discounts, mirroring the excitement of Black Friday 2023, which ran from November 13 to 20. Prepare to navigate through a sea of special flight offers. Whether you're planning a cozy getaway or an exotic international adventure, this is the perfect time to book your dream trip at a fraction of the cost. Remember to stay alert for early bird specials and flash sales that add an extra thrill to the shopping experience. Let Black Friday be your gateway to exploring new horizons and creating unforgettable memories!