Food & Beverages

Meals on longhaul flights

Our 3-course premium menus on longhaul flights are simply delicious! Pre-order your meal now for just € 17.99!

»Please be aware that at present, only cashless payments are accepted on board.«

Our inflight catering on longhaul flights

In the Economy Class, we serve you a free warm meal and a hot or cold snack before you land on longhaul flights (flight zones 3 to 5).

All of our non-alcoholic drinks are also free of charge. 

Do you want to enjoy a special treat? Book our Premium inflight catering for just €17.99! Instead of our Standard inflight catering, you can make the most of two Premium meals (one hot and one cold meal).

We are also happy to serve you meals from our Premium menus in the form of special variations for children, vegetarians or vegans or as lactose or gluten-free meals.

In the Premium Class, we serve you our delicious Premium meals free of charge and in the Business Class, you can choose between a number of different gourmet meals.



Simply delicious! Our Premium menus

Snacks & Drinks

Here’s a foretaste of our snacks and drinks available on board.

Please note:

  • All prices are per person, per flight (one-way). Subject to change.
  • You can get our meals on international Condor flights (i.e. Condor flight number and Condor aircraft).
  • All meals can be reserved up to 24 hours before departure.
  • We use only fresh produce, so it can occasionally happen that a particular ingredient of a meal is unavailable. In that case, we’ll offer alternative ingredients of similar quality.
  • Allergy sufferers: the allergens/ingredients contained in the respective menu may differ from those listed here due to short-term changes in recipes. As an allergy sufferer, we therefore ask you to contact our customer center before the flight, where you will receive further information. An environment free of certain allergens cannot be guaranteed on flights.
  • The type of Standard meal depends on the departure time.
  • All meals are individually prepared by our Gate Gourmet partners’ professional chefs.
  • All allergens listed in Appendix II to EU Directive 1169/2011 are used in the production of our meals. Therefore, the risk of cross-contamination cannot be ruled out.