Best Winter Sports Destinations in North America

Let the winter sports season begin!

With such a wonderful selection of stunning pistes available, even the summer faces some stiff competition. Anyone who believes that only warm destinations have a special charm needs to think again. And if you think the USA and Canada are only suitable for shopping and city trips, you might just want to reconsider that view. Do you want to find out just how fantastically long-distance trips and winter sports can be combined?

Why not take to your board in an extra-special location this winter sports season? For example when snowboarding in Canada or skiing in the USA? Or why not do both: first Canada and then hop across to New York State in the USA? Book one of our cheap flights to North America from 299,99 €* - go straight on board with Condor.

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When does the winter sports season begin?

When the winter sets in in North America (in November at the latest), the entire region around Seattle and Toronto is transformed into a true winter sports paradise. Within a five-hour drive from Seattle, you can find a multitude of skiing and snowboarding pistes stretching from northern Oregon to British Columbia. Toronto also offers an impressive range of local skiing regions from the south of Ontario to upstate New York, which is located just a few hours away.

Where can you go skiing?

Given that many of the skiing regions even offer nighttime skiing to get the most out of the winter sports seasons, there are actually only two questions you need to ask: When can I get started and where can I take to the slopes? We have compiled some information on a few popular skiing regions around Toronto and Seattle for you to explore. Have fun preparing for your snowy adventure – we look forward to seeing you on board soon!

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