Baggage and Animals

Travelling with Pets

Book your dog's or cat's transportation on Condor flights easily and conveniently online.

For safety reasons, we can only accept pets with a confirmed reservation and who are traveling with a booked passenger. The capacity for pets on board is limited. We can only allow one dog / cat per carrier.

Please note the conditions and regulations for transporting pets.

Against harmful wildlife trade

Condor is committed to combating unsustainable and illegal wildlife trade, in accordance with CITES* regulations, and has a zero tolerance policy towards the transport of endangered and threatened species, hunting trophies (including legally hunted or legally acquired trophies) or other products associated with illegal wildlife activities, as carry-ons or checked baggage. Training is provided, in accordance with IATA guidelines for animal transport, which includes close scrutiny of documents and examination of transport containers.

* Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES).