Baggage and Animals

Regulations for Flights Operated by Other Airlines

What regulations apply to Condor flights with feeder and connecting flights? Information about flights operated by other airlines can be found here:

Regulations for codeshare flights

If your flight is being operated by an airline other than the airline listed on your flight ticket (a so-called codeshare flight), the free baggage conditions specified on your booking confirmation apply.

Please contact the airline operating your flight directly to book extras (such as seat reservations or the transportation of animals or sports equipment).

Bestimmungen für Flüge mit anderen Fluggesellschaften

Transporting Pets on Connecting Flights

Please note: The transportation of pets on connecting flights operated by our partner airlines is unfortunately not possible.

Policy for Condor flights with connecting flights before and/or after the Condor sector (departure and/or destination airport(s) not in USA/Canada/Puerto Rico)

If you have booked a Condor flight with connecting flights on another airline included on the same Condor ticket, the baggage conditions of the airline operating the principal portion of the trip will apply to the entire trip.

This rule always applies up to the point on the itinerary where the journey is broken for more than 24 hours. 

Example: You booked a flight from Copenhagen to Cape Town via Frankfurt.

The flight from Copenhagen to Frankfurt is with Lufthansa; the onward flight to Cape Town with Condor is made without a stopover (break of journey for more than 24 hours) at Frankfurt.  

In that case, Condor’s baggage regulations apply.

However, the conditions of the particular airline concerned will apply when requesting extras or special services. If applicable, please contact the airline operating the connecting flight(s).

Special policy for Condor flights with connecting flights (departure or destination airport in USA/Canada/Puerto Rico)

Special baggage regulations apply to flights from, to or via USA/Canada/Puerto Rico, based on the rules of the American or Canadian authorities (US Department of Transportation or Canadian Transportation Agency). 

If you have booked a Condor flight that includes connecting flights on another airline, and the departure or destination airport is in USA, Canada or Puerto Rico, the regulations of the airline operating the first flight of the itinerary (including the return journey, providing this is included on the same Condor ticket) will apply to the entire trip.  If Condor is not the airline operating your first flight, a special policy may apply to your entire flight itinerary.

In this case, your free baggage allowance will be the baggage allowance of the airline running the connecting flight in the travel class booked for your Condor flight (Economy, Premium or Business Class). If the airline running your connecting flight does not offer the travel class booked for your Condor flight, your free baggage allowance is at least the same as the amount of baggage permitted in Economy Class (the Condor free baggage allowance applies in exceptional cases).

Condor is unable to guarantee that Condor’s baggage conditions will always apply to Condor tickets that include connecting flights since other airlines may have baggage rules that vary in certain respects. 

Please check your booking confirmation for precise details of baggage regulations.