Food & Beverages

Meals on shorthaul flights

Our meals on shorthaul flights are simply delicious! Pre-order your meal now, with prices starting at just € 4.49!

Our inflight catering on shorthaul flights

In the Economy Class, inflight catering on shorthaul flights (flight zones 1 and 2) is not included in the fare.

In our Premium Economy, inflight catering is, of course, free of charge.

You can reserve our delicious meals in advance. We’ll treat you to a snack to tide you over, a range of new and very tasty Taste the World meals of your choice.

You can also enjoy an inflight drink with us at a great price. You’ll find the drinks menu with all information and prices in your seat pocket.

Ordering your meal in advance is an excellent decision! You can enjoy the free glass of water and hot beverage (your choice of tea or coffee) that we serve with all pre-booked inflight meals.

Are you ravenous or do you just fancy a snack?

Snacks & Drinks

Here’s a foretaste of our snacks and drinks available on board.

Please note:

  • All prices are per person, per flight (one-way). Subject to change.
  • You can get our meals on international Condor flights (i.e. Condor flight number and Condor aircraft).
  • All meals can be reserved up to 24 hours before departure.
  • We use only fresh produce, so it can occasionally happen that a particular ingredient of a meal is unavailable. In that case, we’ll offer alternative ingredients of similar quality.
  • All meals are individually prepared by our Gate Gourmet partners’ professional chefs.
  • Passengers with allergies: The allergens contained in each meal (pursuant to Annex II to the EU regulation no. 1169/2011) may differ from those listed here, for example due to recipes being changed at short notice. Cross-contamination may also occur at the production facilities responsible for the meals offered by our airline. If you have an allergy, we therefore ask you to contact our Customer Centre for more information in the run-up to your flight. An environment completely free of certain allergens can generally not be guaranteed on flights.