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On Board  

Food and beverages

For whenever hunger strikes

On all longhaul flights (flight zones 3 to 5) in our Economy Class, we always serve a hot meal and an additional cold meal or cold breakfast (a light snack on flights up to 8 hours), depending on the route and time of day.

On shorthaul and mediumhaul flights (flight zones 1 and 2), a range of hot and cold meals is available to buy on board. We ask for your understanding, should your preferred food choice no longer be available due to restricted storage space. Up until 30.04.2016, our Classic Rate for all Condor shorthaul and mediumhaul flights will also include a free bite to eat.

Our tip: On all international flights with Condor flight number "DE" and Condor aircraft, you can order your choice of meal in advance, of course. There are many delicious options to choose from, such as vegan, gluten-free or children's meals.

Information & Ordering  

Drinks on Board

Free water, coffee and tea are available on board in Economy Class on all shorthaul and mediumhaul flights (flight zones 1 and 2). On longhaul flights (flight zones 3 to 5) we also provide a selection of free soft drinks. The prices of all other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages can always be found on the drinks menu in your seat pocket. Our flight attendants will be pleased to mix the drink of your choice from the selection of available liquor. Passengers are not allowed to consume the alcoholic beverages they bring on board during the flight, including duty-free items purchased at the airport or on the plane. Passengers who fail to comply with these rules may be excluded from future flights. We do not serve alcoholic beverages on board to passengers who are less than 18 years of age, or under the influence of alcohol.

The availability of beverages on flights operated by our partner airlines is subject to the terms and conditions of the operating airline. To get your vacation off to a good start, we invite you on all longhaul flights (flight zones 3 to 5) to enjoy a welcome cocktail, a "heavenly delight". Choose from popular cocktails like vodka & bitter lemon, gin & tonic, campari & orange, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.  

Snacks and beverages at a glance

If you want to learn more about our culinary offers on board check out our snacks and beverages menu. Our choices vary based upon your flight zone. You can find more information about our Condor flight zones here. The zone concept also applies to departures from the airports listed here.

On board menu short- and medium haul flights (flight zones 1 and 2)
On board menu long haul flights (flight zones 3 to 5)  

Meals on board

Gourmet flights. On international flights, we provide a choice of excellent meals in addition to our regular service.

On board now: our Sky Meals! Since 01.05.2014 you have also been able to book a really good value Sky Meal on shorthaul and mediumhaul routes (flight zones 1 and 2), in addition to our Premium and Special Meals. There are various delicious alternatives available.

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