Top attractions in Russia

Welcome to Russia

Take a flight to Russia and experience the best that Europe has to offer. Russia boasts more than 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of the historical sites worth visiting include Tretyakov Gallery, Nevsky Prospect, Saint Isaac's Cathedral and Peter and Paul Fortress. Along the way, take time to grab a unique souvenir to remind you of Russia. This could be a fur coat, handicrafts, hats or Russian vodka.

A visit to Russia is not complete without stopping by the famous Lake Baikal. Also referred to as the Blue Eye of Siberia, this lake is said to be the deepest and oldest in the world. Its sparkling waters and the surrounding mountains are a wonder to behold. Other locations with fascinating landscapes include Altai, Karelia and Kamchatka. During winter, catch a flight to Russia and sample one of its many ski resorts.

Flight facts

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Your flight to Russia will land at Kurumoch Airport, Kurumoch Airport, Novyy Airport, Vnukovo Airport, Kazan Airport, Sheremetyevo Airport or Irkutsk Airport. From the airport, you can take a bus or taxi to your ultimate destination. You could also opt for an express train service. If you are headed to a different city, there are many connecting flights available. Visit the Condor website and enjoy great savings on your flight to Russia.