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There are cheap flights to Israel from the USA when you fly Condor. A quick transfer in Germany takes you to a fascinating destination at the far end of Mediterranean. Israel is a modern country with crumbling temples, deserted forts, ruined cities and numerous Biblical sites. Taste the local gourmet from street snacks like hummus and falafel to fancy restaurants and chic cafes. The choice is yours when you book a flight to Israel.

Condor takes you to the land with great appeal for visitors. Take time to appreciate its remarkable historic relics, inspiring religious sites or overwhelming natural beauty. Some people come to the Holy Land on a spiritual quest while others look for cultural enlightenment, sunny silvery beaches or the charming nature. You are sure to find the best selection of cheap flights to Israel with Condor.

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There are quite a few Condor flights to Israel from east as well as west coast US airports. You can fly from Burbank, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale or Baltimore. Explore the rich and vibrant nation. You will find a cheap flight in your schedule as well as budget when you fly Condor. A transfer in Germany will take you to a beautiful land along the Dead Sea.

A flight to Israel touches into its key international airport Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv. Just about 40 km from Jerusalem and 12 from Tel Aviv, the airport serves both cities. You can get to your accommodation by bus, taxi, train or a Sheirut. It is a pleasant drive to the city across its well laid out transport links. Book yourself a comfortable holiday with cheap flights to Israel.