Top sights in Bosnia and Herzogovina

Flights to Bosnia and Herzogovina

Discover beautiful Bosnia and Herzogovina on your next vacation! The capital city of Sarajevo is a bustling city of over 500,000 inhabitants. The national museums and galleries are not to be missed, informing visitors of the rich history and culture of Bosnia and Herzogovina.

There is something for everyone to explore in Bosnia and Herzogovina! History buffs will enjoy the city of Mostar, and can take in the Old Bridge, built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. The Jajce region is also beautiful, with waterfalls and the place where Yugoslavia was originally founded.

Flight facts

Flights to Bosnia and Herzogovina arrive daily from both the domestic European continent and abroad. Flight times vary greatly depending on the original departure city, but can range from 2-12 hours. Longer international flights will most likely need to transfer, often at Frankfurt International Airport (though other options are available). Be sure to book the most direct flight possible so your vacation can begin as quickly as possible!

Once you have arrived at the Sarajevo airport, treat yourself to a taxicab into the city. The taxicab ride is around 15 minutes long, depending on traffic. Alternatively, travelers may want to rent a car for the duration of their time in Bosnia and Herzogovina, especially if wanting to explore other parts of the country. Book a cheap flight today on Condor Airlines, and start planning your Bosnian and Herzegovinian vacation today.