Entry Regulations and Customs

API Data Form

For flights to/from: Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico or the USA, airlines are legally obliged to provide additional passenger information, the so-called API data ("Advance Passenger Information").

On flights to the USA/Puerto Rico in particular (entering and leaving, stopping over) and for some destinations where it is necessary to fly over the USA, so-called "Secure Flight" data (title/gender, first name, last name, date of birth, redress number if available) must also be recorded. On relevant Condor flights, the "Secure Flight" data are automatically collected when completing the API Data Form.

The amount of additional detail required for Advance Passenger Information (API) is geared to the particular destination country and the nationality of the traveler. The following details are usually required:

  • Title/gender
  • Full name (as it appears on your proof of identity)
  • Date of birth
  • Passport data
  • Country of main residence
  • Traveler's nationality
  • Address details for the first night of your vacation (flights to the USA/Puerto Rico only)

The collection of your API data is valid for your booked Condor flight, including all legs operated by our code sharing partners. To enter your data into the API data form, you must first log in, stating only the flight data for the main Condor leg as you do so. It is irrelevant whether you booked your Condor flight via condor.com, through a stationary travel agency, an Internet travel agency or as part of an all-inclusive arrangement with a tour operator.

API data form