At the airport

Carefree travel: Hygiene & Protection for our guests

Condor has been providing safe and reliable flights to your holiday destinations for over 65 years and is continuing to do so now. We not only place high value on your health but also on ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable from your booking right through to your return flight after your holiday. We have therefore decided to take extensive safety precautions to ensure the hygiene and protection of our passengers and crew. So you can not only book with a good feeling, but also be sure that your protection is taken care of from the moment you enter the terminal until you arrive at your destination.

Your health is important to us: protective measures on your journey

  • Mouth-nose protection
    Masks are no longer mandatory on board Condor flights. Medical masks may still be worn at the passenger's own request.

  • Keep your distance: Please be sure to comply with distancing requirements at check-in, security checks and the gate, as well as after arriving at your destination airport. Please also feel free to use our online check-in service. If you want to check in baggage, you can additionally choose to check in the evening before your flight at many airports.

  • Hygiene information Keeping the required minimum distance is only possible to a limited extent on board an aircraft. Nevertheless, we do, of course, try to allocate seats far apart if the flight is not fully booked. The air quality on board aircraft is, however, extremely high: the air in the cabin is completely replaced every three minutes, the air flows from the top to the bottom of the cabin and high-performance filters are used. Furthermore, our aircraft are intensively cleaned after each flight. Passengers are asked to ensure that they keep their hands clean and avoid touching their faces.

  • Changes to boarding and disembarking processes: Boarding takes place in small groups. If passengers are unable to board their plane directly from the building, additional buses with a smaller number of passengers will be used. After arriving at their destination, we ask passengers to wait until those in the row in front of them have disembarked. We ask that all guests please remain seated until it is their turn to disembark.
  • Adjustments to services provided on board: Please be aware that only cashless payments are currently possible on board. We hope that you understand the need to take these measures for the protection of all people on board.
  • Your Extra Seat: For more comfort & wellbeing: By booking an Extra Seat, you can make the most of more comfort and wellbeing on your flight. With this service, the seat next to yours will be left empty for you.
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