At the airport

Carefree travel: Hygiene & Protection in Times of Corona

Special times require special measures. Condor has been providing safe and reliable flights to your holiday destinations for nearly 65 years and is continuing to do so now, even in times of corona. We not only place high value on your health but also on ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable from your booking right through to your return flight after your holiday. We have therefore decided to take extensive safety precautions to ensure the hygiene and protection of our passengers and crew. So you can not only book with a good feeling, but also be sure that your protection is taken care of from the moment you enter the terminal until you arrive at your destination.

Your health is important to us: protective measures on your journey

  • Obligatory face masks: For their own protection and the protection of all fellow passengers and employees, we ask all passengers aged six and above to wear a face mask at the airport, during their flight and at their destination airport. On flights to, from or within the United States of America, this duty already applies from the age of two years. Please bring your own mouth-nose cover and make sure to bring a sufficient supply of masks for the duration of your flight. Only medical masks, such as surgical masks and FFP2 masks, or masks with the KN95/N95 standard without an exhalation valve are permitted. Face shields, fabric masks, scarves and neckerchiefs are also not allowed. If the required masks are not worn, passengers may be denied boarding (cf. General Terms and Conditions).
  • Exception from the obligation to wear a mask: In addition to children under the age of six (resp. on flights to, from or within the United States of America, under 2 years), Customers with underlying medical conditions that explicitly prevent the wearing of a face covering or mask are exempt from the obligation to wear a mask. For this exemption we require a recognized negative PCR test result and a current medical certificate on the Condor form (download) which may not be older than six months on the day of transport. The PCR test result must not be older than 48 hours prior to the start of the journey (outbound or return flight). In addition, flights to and from Switzerland and Austria are exempt from the mask requirement: Here, the wearing of a mask is recommended analogous to the regulations in force in these countries, but it is no longer mandatory.


  • Keep your distance: Please be sure to comply with distancing requirements at check-in, security checks and the gate, as well as after arriving at your destination airport. Please also feel free to use our online check-in service. If you want to check in baggage, you can additionally choose to check in the evening before your flight at many airports.
  • Hand luggage: Please note that due to the safeguards in place at airports, you are only permitted to carry one item of hand luggage; all further items of luggage must be checked in. This is the only way to ensure that guests spend as little time as possible standing in the aisle to stow their hand luggage.

  • Hygiene information Keeping the required minimum distance is only possible to a limited extent on board an aircraft. Nevertheless, we do, of course, try to allocate seats far apart if the flight is not fully booked. The air quality on board aircraft is, however, extremely high: the air in the cabin is completely replaced every three minutes, the air flows from the top to the bottom of the cabin and high-performance filters are used. Furthermore, our aircraft are intensively cleaned after each flight. Passengers are asked to ensure that they keep their hands clean and avoid touching their faces.
    • Changes to boarding and disembarking processes Boarding takes place in small groups. If passengers are unable to board their plane directly from the building, additional buses with a smaller number of passengers will be used. After arriving at their destination, we ask passengers to wait until those in the row in front of them have disembarked. We ask that all guests please remain seated until it is their turn to disembark.

  • Adjustments to services provided on board Our service concept has been adjusted to meet the new conditions in place due to Covid-19. As a result, our on-board retail and snack services are currently limited in order to reduce interaction between passengers and the crew. Please be aware that only cashless payments are currently possible on board. We hope that you understand the need to take these measures for the protection of all people on board.
  • Your Extra Seat: For more comfort & wellbeing: By booking an Extra Seat, you can make the most of more comfort and wellbeing on your flight. With this service, the seat next to yours will be left empty for you.
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What kind of face masks are permitted?

Please bring your own face mask with you. Only medical masks, such as surgical masks and FFP2 masks, or masks with the KN95/N95 standard without an exhalation valve are permitted. Face shields, fabric masks, scarves however, are not allowed.

Will masks be handed out?

No, please bring your own face mask with you.

What will happen if I don’t wear a mask?

All passengers aged six and above (resp. on flights to, from and within the United States of America from the age of two years), which are not exceptionally exempted from the obligation, have to wear a face mask. Otherwise, we are unfortunately not allowed to let you on board.

Am I allowed to take off my mask on the aeroplane?

Masks worn on the aeroplane can only be taken off in emergency situations and during the food/drink service.

Do crew members have to wear face masks?

Yes, face masks are obligatory for both passengers and crew members.

How high is the risk of catching Covid-19 on the aeroplane?

The risk of catching Covid-19 on the aeroplane is very low. Condor has introduced a multitude of measures to protect all passengers and our employees both on the ground and in the air.

Each of our aircraft is additionally fitted with special air filters that meet the standards of those used to clean the air in clinical facilities such as hospitals. These filters ensure that the air is cleaned and contaminants such as bacteria or viruses are filtered out. The air inside the aircraft cabin circulates from the top to the bottom and not horizontally.

The likelihood of an infection being transmitted via the airflow in an aircraft is therefore just as low as in an operating theatre in a German hospital. We also ask all passengers to follow individual hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing or avoiding touching their face.

Will middle seats be left empty?

According to the experts, this is not necessary because your face mask provides sufficient health protection. If passengers numbers allow, we will, however, try to allocate seats as far away from other passengers as possible. Nevertheless, catching an infection on board is still highly unlikely.

Which filters are used in the aircraft?

Our aircraft use filter technologies that remove extremely small airborne particles, including virus particles, from the air. These filters are also used in operating theatres. Given that the air flows from the top to the bottom and not sideways or horizontally, the transmission of an infection via the airflow in an aircraft is considered to be extremely unlikely.

Are disinfectants available in the toilets?

The toilets contain soap dispensers. Thorough and rigorous hand washing is a simple and effective measure to protect yourself against catching an infection. You should also avoid touching your face.

What are the standards for cabin cleaning?

Condor aircraft are generally cleaned in accordance with the highest hygiene standards after each flight. The aircraft cabin is cleaned using strictly stipulated procedures that comply with the requirements of the authorities. This applies to both individual seating areas with tables and to the lavatories.

How do you deal with passengers who display symptoms before or during a flight?

Passengers who display symptoms before departure may be denied boarding. For your own health and that of all of your fellow passengers, please only travel if you are feeling healthy and have no symptoms of illness whatsoever.

Our cabin crews have been trained to implement strict rules and procedures for suspected cases on board. Read more: "Confirmation of Fit to Fly required."