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On Board  

Inflight Entertainment

With our interesting and varied Inflight Entertainment program to enjoy, time will simply fly by. The following section also provides you with information about the use of electronics on board all Condor flights.

Flight zone information

A new zone concept has applied since 01.05.2014. The Inflight Entertainment program detailed below is based on your flight zone.

Flight zone allocation to/from:

Zone 1: Balearic Islands, Spanish & Portuguese mainland, Bulgaria, Croatia
Zone 2: Canary Islands & Madeira, Turkey, Greece & Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia & Gambia
Zone 3: East Africa, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
Zone 4: Southern Africa & Indian Ocean
Zone 5: USA, Canada & Puerto Rico

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Inflight Entertainment on shorthaul and mediumhaul flights (zones 1 – 2)

A selection of current film and TV highlights in two-channel sound to make your stay on board particularly entertaining. Or enjoy one of our assorted audio channels: whether pop, rock, classical or comedy – there is something for everyone. Find out for yourself, and take a look at our current range of video and audio entertainment.

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Inflight Entertainment on longhaul flights (zones 3 – 5)

On longhaul flights with our Boeing 767 fleet, a personal monitor is available to you in all classes, which you can use to put together your individual entertainment program.* Our current Premium Entertainment program includes 30 movies, more than 50 TV-series and an interesting and varied range of music, comprising 24 radio channels and hundreds of audio CDs of all genres.

Comprehensive Premium Entertainment is available at no extra charge to Condor Business Class and Premium Economy Class passengers. Economy Class passengers have access to one movie, one TV episode, and the music library. To enjoy the full Premium Entertainment program, you can purchase an access code on board for only 8.00 euro. Attractive, special discount prices from 4.99 euro are available online or from our customer hotline when you book your flight or up to 8 hours prior to departure.

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*Note: Some flights are operated by Thomas Cook Airlines UK. The Inflight Entertainment program on these flights is broadcast on central ceiling monitors, with a selection of different movies and TV channels. To find out whether your flight is operated by Thomas Cook Airlines UK, check your "Flight Details" in the "Your Flight Information" info box when you make your booking, or see your Condor booking confirmation.  

Headsets on board

The audio and video programs can be accessed by all standard headsets, which you can also purchase on board for 3.50 euro. We give you headsets free of charge in Business Class and Premium Economy Class.  


There are generally no objections to the use of electronics on Condor aircraft. You are only required to refrain from using them during take-off and landing for safety reasons. Naturally, it is prohibited to use any devices that may potentially interfere with the on-board electronics.

  • You may use the following devices on board: laptop and notebook computers (with CD-ROM/DVD drive), CD players, minidisc players, MP3 players, Walkmans, Gameboys and video camcorders
  • You may NOT use the following devices on the aircraft: mobile telephones and tablets (except in flight mode), radios and radio controls (toys), minidisc recorders in recording mode, printers, wireless mice and CD-ROM burners

In Business Class, we provide you with a USB port and power outlet so that you can charge and operate your devices. In Economy Class and Premium Economy Class, a USB port is available to you on longhaul flights so that you can operate your devices. We cannot provide you with a power supply at your seat on shorthaul and mediumhaul flights.