Other Baggage

What happens if you travel with more than just your usual baggage? In the following section, we describe what you should pay attention to if you travel, say, with a Christmas tree, transport photographic or film materials, or have animal products in your baggage. You may be subject to additional regulations if you fly on airlines other than Condor, e.g., if feeder or connecting flights are operated by other airlines.

Additional regulations for flights operated with other airlines

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees up to 100 cm in height are transported free of charge. Christmas trees that are 101 cm or taller are transported at the excess baggage rate applicable at the time. Trees must also meet the following criteria in order to be transported:

  • They may not be taller than 180 cm (70.7 in.)
  • They must be portable, packaged without root ball in a net
  • They must have a valid health certificate (depending on the destination), which can be obtained from the local plant protection department in the particular district
  • They must be registered before the flight with Condor Special reservations

Please also note the local import restrictions of the country you are traveling to.  

Fireworks, Sports Weapons and Dangerous Goods

While fireworks of any kind are excluded from transport, please note the information in the Terms and Conditions for the transport of sports weapons, ammunition and dangerous goods.  

Importing Animal Products

Please check the EU regulations before your vacation if you wish to import animal products, e.g., fish from the U.S. or Canada, into the European Union.  

Photographic and Film Materials

On recommendation of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, some German airports use x-ray equipment for your safety, which may cause damage to your photos and films. We therefore advise you to carry photographic and film materials in your carry-on baggage. The same applies for departures from airports in North America.  

Transporting Cargo

Leisure Cargo GmbH is our sales partner in Germany and will be happy to answer your questions about transporting cargo or shipping baggage without a passenger.
Leisure Cargo GmbH
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 690 73382-4
Fax: +49 (0) 69 695 1250

Donations and Aid Supplies

Many private individuals and aid organizations support the needy in developing countries. We often receive inquiries about transporting donations and aid supplies. Please understand that we are unable to transport additional baggage free of charge even if it consists of donations.

To cover at least the additional costs incurred for fuel and handling, we offer special rates for aid supplies. They are available from Special reservations for the applicable destination.