Hazardous Goods

Everyone knows that dangerous goods should not be part of your baggage. Not everyone knows, however, which items and substances are considered dangerous. For example, do sporting weapons count as dangerous? We have compiled all you need to know and more about sporting weapons right here.

General information

IATA regulations prohibit dangerous goods in baggage.
Dangerous goods include:

  • Engines of all kinds incl. outboard motors (except electric motors with dry batteries for wheelchairs) 
  • Up to two lithium or lithium-ion cells or batteries for electronic devices may be carried in carry-on baggage only (these batteries must be packed with their terminals covered/insulated to protect against short circuits). 
  • Briefcases and safety briefcases with integrated alarm systems, lithium batteries or pyrotechnic materials 
  • Explosives, fireworks, lanterns, light or smoke signals 
  • Containers with gases (flammable or non-flammable, deep frozen, liquefied or toxic), e.g., camping gas, filled pressure containers, lighter fluid, soda cartridges 
  • Containers with flammable liquids, e.g., lighter fluid or cleansing benzine, heat transfer fluids, cleaning agents, thinners, paints, adhesives 
  • oxidising substances, e.g. lead powder, super oxide
  • toxic or contagious substances, e.g. mercury, bacterial or viral cultures
  • radioactive materials
  • acids of all kinds
  • magnetic materials
  • Electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes are only allowed to be transported on the traveler’s body or in his/her carry-on baggage. 

Pointed and sharp objects such as knives and scissors are not to be taken in your hand baggage. Please note the separate provisions for carry-on baggage.

U.S. authorities prohibit lighters of any kind on airplanes – in checked baggage, carry-on baggage, or on the traveler's person. Please make sure not to bring a lighter on flights to or connecting through the U.S..  


Any transportation of ammunition must comply strictly with the following rules:

  • Ammunition for firearms may not be taken into the passenger cabin
  • Ammunition (Division 1.4S, UN0012 or UN0014) for hunting and sporting weapons not exceeding 5 kg per passenger may be carried in checked baggage loaded into the aircraft's cargo hold
  • Ammunition with exploding or fire-producing bullets is excluded from transport
  • Ammunition must be safely packed in cardboard or wooden boxes (manufacturer's original packaging)
  • You are advised to make the special reservation for your ammunition as early as possible. To do so, please contact your travel agent or, in the case of a booking via Condor (booking partner: Condor), our special reservation service.
  • Individual country regulations in force at departure, transit and destination airports must be complied with.

Regulations for transporting sporting firearms

You can find more information on baggage regulations in our Terms and Conditions.