Carefree travel: your health and flexibility are very important to us

Special times require special measures. Condor has been providing safe and reliable flights to your holiday destinations for more than 65 years and is continuing to do so now, even in times of corona. We not only place high value on your health but also on ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable from your booking right through to your return flight after your holiday. We put our all into achieving this: every day and for every flight. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon! 

Your health is important to us: protective measures on your journey

For your protection and that of other guests and employees at the airport and on board our flights, Condor is implementing a number of protective measures. You can therefore not only feel confident when booking your flight but also rest assured that we are working hard to protect you from the moment you enter the terminal until you arrive at your destination.

  • Obligatory face masks: For their own protection and the protection of all fellow passengers and employees, we ask all passengers aged six and above to wear a face mask at the airport, during their flight and at their destination airport. Please bring your own mouth-nose cover and make sure to bring a sufficient supply of masks for the duration of your flight. Only medical masks, such as surgical masks and FFP2 masks, or masks with the KN95/N95 standard without an exhalation valve are permitted. Face shields, fabric masks, scarves and neckerchiefs are also not allowed. If the required masks are not worn, passengers may be denied boarding (cf. General Terms and Conditions).
  • Exception from the obligation to wear a mask: In addition to children under the age of six, Customers with underlying medical conditions that explicitly prevent the wearing of a face covering or mask are exempt from the obligation to wear a mask. For this exemption we require a recognized negative PCR test result and a medical certificate on the Condor form (download). The PCR test result must not be older than 48 hours prior to the start of the journey (outbound or return flight). In addition, flights to and from Switzerland and Austria are exempt: Here, the wearing of a face mask is recommended analogous to the regulations in force in these countries, but it is no longer mandatory.
    Passengers who have booked an outward or return flight with Lufthansa should use the Lufthansa form. This form is also accepted by Condor.
  • Keep your distance: Please be sure to comply with distancing requirements at check-in, security checks and the gate, as well as after arriving at your destination airport. Please also feel free to use our online check-in service. If you want to check in baggage, you can additionally choose to check in the evening before your flight at many airports.
  • Hand luggage: Please note that due to the safeguards in place at airports, you are only permitted to carry one item of hand luggage; all further items of luggage must be checked in. This is the only way to ensure that guests spend as little time as possible standing in the aisle to stow their hand luggage.

Questions and answers on the protection measures

  • Hygiene information Keeping the required minimum distance is only possible to a limited extent on board an aircraft. Nevertheless, we do, of course, try to allocate seats far apart if the flight is not fully booked. The air quality on board aircraft is, however, extremely high: the air in the cabin is completely replaced every three minutes, the air flows from the top to the bottom of the cabin and high-performance filters are used. Furthermore, our aircraft are intensively cleaned after each flight. Passengers are asked to ensure that they keep their hands clean and avoid touching their faces.
  • Changes to boarding and disembarking processes Boarding takes place in small groups. If passengers are unable to board their plane directly from the building, additional buses with a smaller number of passengers will be used. After arriving at their destination, we ask passengers to wait until those in the row in front of them have disembarked. We ask that all guests please remain seated until it is their turn to disembark.
  • Adjustments to services provided on board Our service concept has been adjusted to meet the new conditions in place due to Covid-19.As a result, our on-board retail and snack services are currently limited in order to reduce interaction between passengers and the crew. Please be aware that only cashless payments are currently possible on board. We hope that you understand the need to take these measures for the protection of all people on board.

Current entry requirements

Before embarking on your journey, please check the current entry requirements for your destination. You can find useful information on the IATA Travel Centre website. We are unable to provide any guarantee for the correctness of the information provided.

Entry Regulations within Europe
Given the current exceptional situation (COVID-19), extended entry requirements also apply to travel within Europe. Before travelling to the airport, please research the entry documents required and the requirements that apply at your destination in detail.
Here you can find the necessary forms

A change of plans due to corona? Flexibility with Condor!

We can’t do anything to change Covid-19, but you can change your flight details: With our Flex Option, you can rebook up to three times without paying a fee on all short and medium-haul routes for just 10 Euros, up to 24 hours before departure.

If your flight has been cancelled: flexible flight credit

Has your planned flight been cancelled? If so, Condor or your travel agency will contact you in person and you will automatically receive an e-mail containing your flight credit when your flight is cancelled. You can use this credit freely and flexibly for all new bookings in the entire route network covered by Condor and our partner airlines: when you want, to where you want and on as many individual flights as you want. And the best thing about it is that in most cases, you can redeem your flight credit until 30th June 2022.

Of course we will refund the amount of your ticket if you so desire.

What can I find more information?
You can find out everything you need to know about the options available and how and for how long you can redeem your flight credit here.