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Welcome to Stockholm

Book a flight to Stockholm one of the most breathtaking mega cities in the world. It is a magical panorama of saffron- and terracotta hued buildings gleaming amid the aqua waters and the blue skies in summer. A pulsating modern city, known for its sleek designs, sensitive fashion and top-notch nightclubs. Stockholm is enclosed by thousands of rocky islands to make a spectacular archipelago or skärgård. Condor presents options for cheap flights to Stockholm!

Locals are hospitable and friendly, which makes your travel both easy and worthwhile. Stockholm is home to many immigrants, creating a multicultural atmosphere with a diverse cityscape. Revel in this buzzing metropolis with restaurants and boutiques that can hold to the finest in the continent. Today it is much more than IKEA, meatballs and ABBA! You can relax by booking cheap flights to Stockholm with Condor!

Flight facts

The duration of a flight to Stockholm from Frankfurt is just about 2 hours. You can connect to Frankfurt from many US airports, including Los Angeles, Washington and Minneapolis. Once your flight to Stockholm arrives, you can take the 20-minute Arlanda Express train from Arlanda Airport to the city. If you prefer take a bus from the airport that will drop you near the Central Station. Condor offers convenience in booking cheap flights to Stockholm.

Many taxies ply from the airport and their fares can vary. Keep in mind that the fixed rate for transfer from Arlanda Airport is from SEK 395-599. It is best to confirm the rate before boarding the cab. A cozy and compact Stockholm brings everything to your doorstep. With less travelling time you get more time to savor the places of interests and events of the city. Take a cheap flight to Stockholm with Condor!