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Welcome to Bucharest, Romania

Discover Bucharest, Romania's incredible capital city! Bucharest is a massive bustling city of almost 2 million people, making it a stunning metropolis for any urban getaway. Whether you're looking for cultural city adventures or nature walks on your trip, Bucharest has something to offer everyone. Don't delay, start planning your next vacation today when you book a cheap flight to Bucharest, Romania with Condor Airlines.

Bucharest has something for everyone! Enjoy the annual summer George Enescu Festival, a world-class classical music festival partially held in the city. Additionally, the National Radio Orchestra of Romania has a full concert schedule during the performing arts season. For those seeking more nature in their trip, the National Village Museum of Bucharest is not to be missed. The museum has over 200 model settlements from all over Romania.

Flight facts

Flying into Bucharest, Romania is simple with Condor Airlines! Flights arrive multiple times daily from both mainland Europe and abroad in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Depending on the departure city, flights range from 1 to 12 hours and may include transfers (most often in Frankfurt, Germany). Begin your vacation planning today when you book a cheap flight to Bucharest, Romania with the aid of Condor Airlines!

Treat yourself to a cab ride at the beginning of your trip to Bucharest, Romania. A taxicab takes approximately 30 minutes to downtown Bucharest, whereas the local bus is over an hour into downtown (leaving approximately every 40 minutes). Start your Romanian vacation off right, and enjoy the relaxing trip that awaits! Start planning your trip today when you book a cheap flight to Bucharest, Romania on Condor Airlines!