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Welcome to Warsaw

A sprawling city, Warsaw is among the most popular travel destinations in Poland. Take a flight to Warsaw to experience the infectious vibe of the metropolis. All through the year the city holds events from funky street fests, creative art openings, and plenty of music festivals inspired by Chopin. If you are a museum lover this is the city for you with the finest museums. Cheap flights to Warsaw with Condor!

Rich history and stunning sights, offer visitors a lot. Located at the junction of Central Europe, Warsaw has seen several dynasties and empires. Condor offers you the best. We offer cheap flights to Warsaw to make your trip memorable. Make sure you don’t miss the must see sights if the historic mega city! Śródmieście, the central district, sits on the left bank of the river. Old Town is the best place to start your Warsaw tour!

Flight facts

Your flight to Warsaw from Frankfurt takes just about an hour and a half; you can connect to Frankfurt from major US airports such as Denver, Fort Lauderdale and Minneapolis. There are four bus lines to transfer you from the airport or you can take trains that leave from the airport every 10-15 minutes. We at Condor make sure that you book a comfortable cheap flight to Warsaw!

Finding a taxi as your flight to Warsaw touches the airport is easy. You should avoid taxi drivers looking for travelers inside the terminal as they can overcharge. It is best to book from agencies recommended by the authorities. If you like, book one in advance! Transfer time to the inner city will depend on your destination. You are sure to find cheap flights to Warsaw with Condor! We assure you the best!