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Welcome to Poland

Poland has a truly rich and fascinating history. Although the country has faced its share of hardships in modern history, it has persevered to retain its culture, beauty and charm. Booking a Condor flight to Krakow allows you to discover not only this city, but also the whole country. Come see the beautiful landscape and fascinating history for yourself with a cheap flight to Krakow.

For centuries, Krakow served as the seat of the Polish monarchy and the capital of the country. Much of the architecture and history of Krakow's golden age is preserved within the city. A flight to Krakow enables you to meander its charming streets, explore its fascinating museums and enjoy its vibrant nightlife. Condor aims to get you to Europe's most interesting cities with flights to Krakow, Amsterdam and Barcelona that won't break your budget.

Flight facts

A flight to Krakow is a great option for those looking for a vacation that combines history, culture and natural beauty. This European metropolis was one of the first to be included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, having its entire Old Town placed on the list. That means a flight to Krakow is a great choice for an intellectual and exciting vacation destination.

Flights to Krakow from Condor have varying flight times depending on which airport you fly from. Departing from the east coast, the flight to Krakow takes just under 9 hours. If you're leaving from a west coast airport, like San Francisco, the flight lasts about 11.5 hours. Getting to your accommodations after your flight to Krakow is a hassle-free process, as direct trains from the airport bring you to the city center in only 15 minutes.