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A flight to Poland with Condor takes you to a diverse and beautiful land. Poland is home to amazing natural environment, cultural events, historic sites, activities and entertainment. Millions of visitors are drawn into the country every year from around the globe. Are you looking for a coastal sea resort, visit Wolin Island. South Poland offers breathtaking hiking and skiing opportunities in the Karkonosze Mountains.

Poland helps you enjoy simple things in life and redefine your concept of beauty. Swanky business hubs, boutiques and chic restaurants mingle with the old market squares and Gothic castles. Revel in the free-spirited artistic landscape with a rustic and romantic ambiance. Even today the countryside offers its world-famous hospitality and relaxation with unpretentious atmosphere and comforting splendor. Condor offers excellent cheap flights to Poland!

Flight facts

Warsaw International airport welcomes most of the flights to Poland from different countries. There are some other airports also. Road infrastructure is quite spread out but not very well maintained with few high speed motorways. You can transfer from the airport with plentiful and reasonable public transport. Buses and trams offer connections to the city. There are regular flights between the big cities and Warsaw. Condor presents cheap flights to Poland!

If you land in Warsaw on a flight to Poland, it is simple to take a charter bus or trains for further travel. The national railway is linked to most small and large towns. You can easily pre book transport for further travel in or outside the city. Some of the main cities include Katowice, Kraków and Szczecin. Ensure you have a hassle free trip by booking cheap flights to Poland with Condor!