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A rich compilation of ancient monuments and architecture, you will be awed by places dating back thousands of years. Are you seeking inspiration, take a break in Rome or visit the Amalfi Coast. Take your time to explore the Tuscan countryside when you take a flight to Italy with Condor. Spectacular panorama, architectural marvel, delectable food and wine make your visit to Italy a treat!

Home to great artists and scientists along with a huge number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Italy is a kaleidoscope of bewitching attractions! From the overwhelming remains of Rome and the fascinating romance of Venice to the undulated Tuscany hills and chic panache of Milan, you can experience all! It takes no time to book cheap flights to Italy with Condor. We assure you the best!

Flight facts

You just need a couple of hours to fly from Dusseldorf to Rome with a cheap flight to Italy. Begin your journey from Rome and travel to many other fascinating destinations. Take a cab or well connected trains to your destination before you embark on your orgy to the charisma of Italy! It is just a few hours flight from any European country. Condor offers best cheap flight options!

Ensure a comfortable transfer by taking a taxi. It will take you about an hour to reach Milan from Frankfurt or Munich. The airport offers a plethora of travel options for travelers. Are you heading to the Italian Riviera like Portofino or Cinque Terre or the Alps? It is a short trip by train or you can hire a car. A flight to Italy offers value for money with Condor!