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Interesting Facts About Italy


Coffee Culture: Italy is home to coffee rituals like "espresso," and remember, ordering a cappuccino after a meal might earn you some raised eyebrows—traditionally, it's a morning-only drink.


World Heritage Sites: Italy boasts more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world, with 58 recognized cultural and natural landmarks (August/2023).


Vatican City: Located within Rome, the Vatican is the smallest independent state globally by both area and population.


Bridge of Sighs: In Venice, legend says that lovers will enjoy eternal love if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs.


Food Diversity: Italian cuisine varies significantly by region. For example, while pasta and olive oil dominate in the south, northern dishes might focus more on rice and butter.


Ancient Shopping Mall: Rome houses the world's oldest "shopping mall"—Trajan's Market, built between 100-110 AD.


The Real Pinocchio: The famous story of Pinocchio, the wooden boy whose nose grew when he lied, originated from Tuscany, Italy, written by Carlo Collodi.


Elevator to Mt. Etna: Visitors can take an elevator up Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna in Sicily, for breathtaking views and exciting hikes.


Opera Lovers' Delight: Italy is the birthplace of opera. A visit to the renowned La Scala opera house in Milan is a must for music enthusiasts.


Fashion Capital: Milan is often termed the fashion capital of the world, hosting major events like the Milan Fashion Week and being home to luxury brands like Prada, Armani, and Versace.

Discover Italy: A Journey Through Beauty and Inspiration

Tucked away in the breathtaking landscapes of Southern Europe, Italy covers an area of approximately 116,350 square miles and resembles a charming "boot-shaped nation". Its prime location on the Mediterranean Sea borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia to the north. Italy is a cultural mix like no other - offering travelers an amazing opportunity to soak up more than just the Italian vibe. Prepare to be captivated!

A vacation in Italy offers more than just picturesque landscapes; it promises unforgettable entertainment and culinar ydelights. Every meal here is a testament to Italy's rich gastronomic heritage. Whether you're traveling with family or seeking solo adventures, the best way to experience the country is to explore its diverse regions. From popular Italian cities like Rome and Florence, brimming with history and art, to idyllic gateways in the Tuscan countryside where you can relax under the sun, Italy captivates every tourist.

Among the best things to do, wandering through its big cities, soaking in the culture, and indulging in authentic Italian cuisine top the list. Plan your next vacation in this Mediterranean gem and discover the magic that keeps travelers returning.

The best time to visit Italy is when the weather's right, not too hot or cold! Spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) are the most ideal times to explore this beautiful country. Italy has a diverse climate, with snowy winters in the Alpine areas, mild winters and sun-soaked summers along the Mediterranean coastline, and pleasant climates in regions like Tuscany and Umbria.

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Information about our flights to Italy

Condor offers flights to Italy from various US airports, including major hubs like New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (LAX), Seattle (SEA), and more. Discover Italy with the convenience and coverage provided by Condor. The average flight time from the U.S. to Italy is approximately 12 hours. Exact flight times will vary depending on your origin and destination airports.

Italy's airports are efficient and well-connected. Major hubs such as Rome Airport (FCO), Milan's Malpensa (MXP) and Venice's (VCE) offer a wide range of amenities for international travelers. Upon arrival, visitors will find a variety of public transportation options, including bus service, trams, and trains, making it relatively easy to get to the city center or other destinations.

Signs are usually in both Italian and English, and there are often special airport express services that offer quick transfers to the main city hubs. Overall, navigating Italian airports and using public transportation is straightforward and user-friendly.

U.S. citizens traveling to Italy for short stays (90 days or less) for tourism, business, or transit do not require a visa. Italy is part of the Schengen Area, which allows U.S. citizens to travel visa-free within the member countries for short stays.

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