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Welcome to Greece

A trip to Greece has something to offer everyone! Whether you prefer archealogical sites or museums, or want to take advantage of the varied opportunities for sailing, hiking and cycling, a trip to Greece is sure to please. Condor makes it easy to book inexpensive flights to Santorini, Athens or Corfu, just to name a few. Start your trip off right by booking a Condor flight to beautiful Greece for your next summer holiday.

Santorini is one of the most beloved destinations in the Greek Isles. Its dramatic coastlines, soaring cliffs and signature white-washed buildings offer you breathtaking vistas around every corner. This island is as culturally and historically signifiant, as it is beautiful, so those looking for an educational experience on their holiday should consider booking a cheap flight to Santorini on Condor. We put the splendor of this Greek gem at your doorstep.

Flight facts

Due to the landscape of the southern Cycladic Islands, airports are relatively sparce. However, a flight to Santorini with Condor gets you to your destination quickly and easily, as this island is one of the few with an international airport. During the high season, a cheap flight to Santorini on Condor is easy to find, with regular routes throughout the summer via stop-over in Frankfurt or Munich.

Getting around the island is no problem, as regular bus service is available from the island's largest town Fira. After your Condor flight to Santorini, you'll most likely want to take in one of the island's many breathtaking panoramas. For the best view, take a cablecar from Fira's main square and enjoy not only the journey, but also the stunning vista available from the top.

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