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Marvel exciting landscape and the passion Greek people have for politics, art, gossip and coffee! With historic sites spanning four millennia, tranquil beaches and lofty mountain ranges there is a wide selection of interesting places to enjoy and explore. The historical ruins of old civilizations, medieval structures and churches offer a unique ambiance. Greece has something for all. Trust Condor for cheap flights to Greece!

Are you a nature enthusiast or a museum hopper? Perhaps you prefer the beach and good food, a Greece trip is the answer for all these experiences. Home to several established therapeutic thermo springs and exquisite marinas, you can enjoy a variety of attractions on your visit. It is simple to book a cheap flight to Greece with Condor. Despite the issues faced by the nation it remains a very popular travel destination.

Flight facts

Flight hours depend on the place from where you book your flight to Greece. Most probably you land in the international airport in Spáta, a suburb of Athens. There are several transport options to reach your destination. You can hire a car and head to some of the most beautiful and sunny places in Europe! It will take you just about 3 hours by flight from Frankfurt to Athens. Condor offers cheap flights to Greece!

Spoil yourself by taking a taxi from the airport as your flight to Greece lands. If you are flying from Berlin to Santorini you will reach in just about 3 hours. It will take less than an hour to reach your destination. Low cost flights to Greece have increased and they typically offer service to Thessaloníki and Athens. Trains and intercity buses are a comfortable travel option. Cheap flights to Greece are available with Condor!