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Flights to Cyprus are a perfect choice for all kinds of travellers. Whether you're seeking gorgeous beaches where you can relax in the sun or the legacy of ancient Roman and Greek cultures that dot the island, you'll find it all here. The island is divided into a Greek and Turkish side, and Condor flights to Cyprus remain on the Greek side of the island.

Flights to Cyprus are popular any time of year - and for good reason! During the summer, many winter-weary Europeans flock to the island of Cyprus for its beautiful beaches and warm, blue waters. Hiking and cultural sightseeing are also popular during this time. There are also many people who book their flights to Cyprus in winter for cold weather sports like skiing, for example. Who knew there was this much to do in Cyprus?!

Flight facts

Condor offers flights to Cyprus year round. There are two destinations for flights to Cyprus. The first is Larnaca, which lies on the southeastern coast of Cyprus and is the island's main airport. The other destination, Paphos, lies on the southwestern coast of the island and serves destinations in western Cyprus like Coral Bay and Limmasol.

The Larnaca International Airport is the country's main airport. Those who land here on flights to Cyprus will be pleased at the massive renovations that were completed in 2009. The airport is located just 4 km southwest of the city of Larnaca. A bus or taxi is the most convenient way to reach the city. The other destination for flights to Cyprus is the Paphos International Airport.