Entry regulations


Find all entry regulations for flights to Germany in the following table*.

Prior to Travel

The Federal Foreign Office does not issue travel recommendations for Germany.

The so-called '3G rule' has been suspended for entry into Germany, i.e. entrants no longer have to prove that they have either been vaccinated, recovered, or tested. This regulation has been extended until 7 April 2023. As regards air travel, masks must generally be worn on all flights if mask-wearing is compulsory in either the country of departure or the country of destination. The implementation is enforced by the operating airline and may therefore vary. Travellers are advised to carry at least one mask with them at all times. For information on mask mandates, please see the respective category.

Prior to Entry

There are no COVID-19-related entry restrictions (e.g. border closures, mandatory proof of testing and vaccination) in force at this time.
There are no COVID-19-related mandatory entry forms or online registrations to be completed before travel at this time.
There are no known restrictions

There are no known restrictions

Children and minors are not generally exempt in case testing requirements apply.

There is currently no obligation to provide proof of a negative test.

There are no known restrictions

No notes available.

There is no testing or quarantine requirement on entry for completely immunized persons.

There are no known restrictions

There is no testing or quarantine requirement on entry for incompletely vaccinated persons.

There is no testing or quarantine requirement on entry for those who have recovered.

On Site

There is no ease of restrictions.

Currently, only the so-called basic protection measures still apply and thus there are hardly any restrictions in almost all areas of public life.


Current figures regarding hospitalization rates and other indicators in the individual states can be found here.

Current value: 570. Previous week: 441

Data source: Our World in Data / European Center for Disease Control. The data is only available at country level and is updated daily.

There are currently no COVID-19-related travel restrictions in the country.

There are no known restrictions

Masks are no longer mandatory.

Stores are open.

No restrictions apply.

No restrictions apply.

No restrictions apply.

No restrictions apply.

Masks no longer have to be worn on long distance trains.

Domestic and international air traffic has resumed normal operations, and the mask requirement has been lifted.

Travellers should inform themselves about the corona-related entry requirements at their destination before departure, especially for international flights.

In case of infection, the RKI recommends isolation and quarantine for 5 days.There is no longer an obligation.


*All information is without guarantee and is based exclusively on information provided by external sources, e.g. the German Foreign Office. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of this information. Please inform yourself about the applicable entry requirements before your flight.