Passengers with Special Needs

Additional Oxygen Concentrators On Board

Do you need an additional oxygen concentrator on your flight? Here, you can find all of the information about registering your oxygen concentrator.

Additional Oxygen Concentrators On Board

You can take your own oxygen concentrator with you on board all Thomas Cook Airlines flights. Due to safety requirements we only accept FAA approved. Please note that there is no electric main socket so any device will need to be battery powered and fully charged prior to departure. The battery duration must be able to last 150% of the flight duration.

We want you to enjoy your flight, so please register your portable oxygen concentrator in advance. We will also ask you to fill out a medical clearance form and register your portable oxygen concentrator. Without registration of the portable oxygen concentrator and medical clearance you will be unable to board the flight.

Taking your own additional oxygen

Unfortunately we cannot allow customers to travel with their own filled oxygen canisters.