Special Assistance

Expectant Mothers

Is a baby on the way? Congratulations! For a smooth start to your holidays, please note the following information for pregnant women on board.

Expectant Mothers On Board

Is a baby on the way? If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you are only expecting one baby, then the following regulations apply: Up to the 28th week of pregnancy, you are allowed to fly with Condor without a medical certificate. If you are flying between the 28th and the 36th week of pregnancy, for your own health and safety, a special medical certificate is required, which may not be older than 10 days on the date of departure (the certificate must include confirmation of a normal pregnancy, the estimated delivery date, other health concerns as well as medical clearance for air travel). Starting from the 36th week of pregnancy, we are unfortunately not able to transport you on one of our flights, because travelling by air constitutes a significant risk to you and your unborn baby during this time of the pregnancy. In case of an uncomplicated multiple pregnancy, a medical certificate is required from the 28th to the 32nd week of pregnancy and we are not able to transport you as of the 32nd week of pregnancy. In all cases, we recommend expectant mothers to consult with their attending physician before embarking on any trip.