Details of unaccompanied minor assistance

Children aged from 5 to under 12 can also travel unaccompanied on Condor flights on payment of a service charge in addition to the ticket price. This charge includes a seat reservation, which can be made up to 48 hours before departure. Should you wish, you can also book a children's meal, free of charge.

A new zone concept has applied since 01.05.2014. All Condor destinations are allocated to a flight zone. A general overview of these allocations can be found under "Flight zone information" on the "Traveling with Children" page.

Charges for unaccompanied minors

On Condor flights (Condor flight number "DE" and Condor aircraft), the following charges apply for registering unaccompanied minors to/from:

All flights to/from

Price with early bird discount (30 days or more before departure)

Regular price

Zone 1

44.99 €

54.99 €

Zone 2

59.99 €

69.99 €

Zones 3, 4 and 5

79.99 €

89.99 €

All prices apply per child and flight (one-way). Subject to change without notice.

To ensure that things run smoothly, we need to have all the relevant data (name, address, phone number) at the departure airport for the people accompanying the child to the airport and collecting him/her from the airport. Should they not be the child's parents, we need the parents' authorization for checking in and collecting. For security reasons, the person collecting the child must show a valid photo ID when the child is handed over at the arrival airport.

You will be given a small shoulder back that your child must wear throughout the journey, in which is to be kept all the necessary travel documents (e.g. printed ticket, boarding pass, valid passport or children's ID card, visa for the country of destination, the assistance form with details of the accompanying and collecting adults).

If the airport authorities allow it, you will be able to accompany your child as far as the departure gate. It is possible and mandatory to accompanying your child to the departure gate at all German airports, so that you can spend the time that remains until departure with your child, and say goodbye to them in person at the gate.
Present a valid, personal ID card or passport at the airport check-in and you will be issued with a so-called "Gate Pass", which will allow you to pass through security control, as far as the gate.
From that point on, our friendly and experienced flight attendants will be pleased to look after your child, to ensure that they feel at home both on board and on the ground, and enjoy a safe and pleasant journey to their destination.

Please note that as the accompanying adult, you escort your child through security control, and are therefore also subject to the relevant obligations, such as the restrictions on liquids, or the dangerous goods regulations.

As the accompanying adult, you must always remain at the airport until the aircraft has actually departed, so that should there be any delays, or if the flight is canceled, you will be able to take charge of your child again. Please allow sufficient time for this.

Please note that assistance for your unaccompanied minor during transfers with one of our partner airlines is only possible on request.