Travel Preparation

Travel Preparation  

Traveling with Children

Flying with children? That's not a problem for Condor. On the contrary, we look forward to having them on board! Flying Condor is a fantastic way for the entire family to start off a vacation.

General Information

  • No more than one infant under the age of 2 (not entitled to their own seat) can be transported for each adult.
  • Infants under the age of 2 are not entitled to their own item of hand baggage. In addition to their hand baggage, parents are welcome to bring baby food on board to feed their babies.
    For the free baggage allowance, please also note our information on Hand baggage/Free baggage.
  • Strollers/buggies/cribs and car safety seats are transported in the cargo hold at no extra charge. Prior notification is not necessary.
  • Boarding for families:
    Most airports offer preferred boarding (preboarding) for families with infants (under the age of 2), where possible. 
  • For each accompanying person paying full fare, a discount will be provided for 1 infant (under 2 years of age).
    For more information, please see our fare conditions.

Traveling with Children: All the Information at a Glance  

Car Safety Seats on Board

EU regulations state that infants (under 2 years of age) on board aircraft must be secured either by loop belts or by child safety seats.
Condor recommends using an approved child safety seat during the flight. Prior notification is required. This is possible from Monday to Friday, no later than 48 hours before departure. Please use our Child Safety Seat Form.  

Baby Supplies on Board

On request (and if available), parents can be given baby supplies such as bottles, baby food and diapers on Condor's longhaul flights (flight zones 3, 4 and 5). Lavatories are equipped with changing tables on all flights.

EU Carry-On Baggage Rules for Baby Food  

In-Flight Child Care

Condor offers an attractive and wide-ranging program for children of all ages on its flights:

  • Attentive flight attendants see to your family's needs on all of our flights.
  • Your little ones can listen to exciting stories and a host of children's songs on the children's audio channel.
  • Time flies by with our fun coloring supplies and toys for children of all ages.
  • Older children (and parents) should get ready for a laugh fest: with the cartoons in Condor's video program.
  • Popular among the young and young at heart: Condor's scrumptious "flight"-style gummy bears, best enjoyed with the exciting entertainment in our children's magazines.

Note: Please be advised that cockpit visits are no longer allowed due to new safety regulations.  

Unaccompanied minors

Condor provides an attractive and wide-ranging choice of on board care for every age group. Children aged from 5 to under 12 can travel unaccompanied if this service is taken up. Please understand that children under 5 years of age must always be accompanied on the flight by their parents, their siblings aged 16 years and above, or by other persons aged 18 years and above. If specifically requested by parents, we will treat young adults up to 17 years of age travelling alone as unaccompanied minors.

Children traveling alone can be registered for all Condor flights (DE-flight number) on working days, no later than 48 hours before departure, on payment of a fee.  

Flight zone information

A new zone concept has applied since 01.05.2014. The service charges for registering unaccompanied minors are based on your flight zone.

Flight zone allocation to/from:
Zone 1: Balearic Islands, Spanish & Portuguese mainland, Bulgaria, Croatia
Zone 2: Canary Islands & Madeira, Turkey, Greece & Cyprus, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia & Gambia
Zone 3: East Africa, United Arab Emirates, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America
Zone 4: Southern Africa & Indian Ocean
Zone 5: USA, Canada & Puerto Rico

Access general overview

New: You will be given an early bird discount when you register your unaccompanied child up to 30 days prior to departure.  

Charges for unaccompanied minors

On Condor flights (Condor flight number “DE” and Condor aircraft), the following charges apply for registering unaccompanied minors to/from:

All flights to/from

Price with early bird discount (30 days or more before departure)

Regular price

Zone 1

44.99 €

54.99 €

Zone 2

59.99 €

69.99 €

Zones 3, 4 and 5

79.99 €

89.99 €

All prices apply per child and flight (one-way). Subject to change without notice.

To register unaccompanied minors, please contact your travel agent or send an e-mail directly to Condor.

Please note the following when preparing unaccompanied children for their journey:

  • Unaccompanied minors must be registered in advance
  • A fully completed assistance form* must be submitted
  • All the requisite travel documents must be available
  • The minor must be personally escorted to the departure gate and the person accompanying them must remain in attendance until the aircraft has actually departed
  • The accompanying adult must provide proof of identification so that a "Gate Pass" can be issued
  • The person collecting the minor must also provide proof of identification to match the personal details given in the assistance form

* Please complete the assistance form in full. Print out all five pages, sign every single copy and take them with you to the airport, as the individual forms will be required as proof by different areas of responsibility. The fifth page is given back to the accompanying adult at the departure airport once it has been verified and signed by a member of the check-in staff.

Details of unaccompanied minor assistance  

Traveling during a pregnancy

Baby on the way? If your pregnancy is uncomplicated and you are carrying only one fetus, then the following regulations apply: Up until the 28th gestation week, you are allowed to fly without any medical certificate. If you are flying between the 28th and the 36th week of pregnancy, a special medical clearance is required which may not be older than 10 days at the day of departure (including a confirmation of a normal pregnancy, the estimated time of delivery, other health concerns as well as a clearance for the desired air travel). After you passed the 36th gestation week, unfortunately, we are not able to transport you on one of our flights anymore because traveling by air constitutes a significant risk to you and your unborn baby during this time of the pregnancy. In case of an uncomplicated, multiple pregnancy, a medical attestation is required from the 28th to the 32nd week of pregnancy and we are not able to transport you anymore from the 32nd gestation week. In any case, we recommend that you always consult with your attending physician before you start any trip.