Detailed information for traveling with and without an attendant

Disability Type Reservation Codes

(Registration until at least 8 hours prior departure)

Disabled passenger needs assistance within the terminal to/from the gate or exit, will need a wheelchair or similar after boarding or disembarking, able to use a transit bus without assistance, able to use stairs, needs no assistance in the cabin to/from the seat and WC.

(Registration until at least 8 hours prior departure)

Severely disabled passenger, limited mobility, unable to use transit bus or stairs, but needs no assistance in the passenger cabin.

(Registration until at least 8 hours prior departure)

Passenger unable to walk, able to use a passenger seat with upright back but unable to cover distances alone, i.e. in the cabin from/to the seat and WC (i.e. paraplegic or advanced multiple sclerosis etc.).


Passenger is blind.


Passenger is deaf.


Passenger is deaf/mute.

Please provide the following codes when you make a reservation for your wheelchair: 

  • WCMP (manual powered wheelchair) 
  • WCBD (wheelchair powered by a non-spillable gel or dry cell battery)

We ask that you make your reservation early (no later than 8 hours before the flight). Any inquiries about the transportation of passenger-owned wheelchairs should include information about the size and weight of the wheelchair.

WCHC passengers can only travel without an attendant if (a) the entire trip takes no more than 14 hours, (b) the passenger has been prepared by his or her physician for an extended journey and (c) accepts restrictions with respect to meals, beverages and the distance from the seat to the lavatories (see inflight wheelchairs).