Travel Preparation

Travel Preparation  

Barrier-Free Travel

General Information

Sick and disabled people often require special assistance. Condor caters to these passengers' individual needs as much as possible. To help us provide the best-possible service, we will need the following information 5 days before the flight (but no later than 2 business days before the flight):

  • Name of the sick or disabled passenger
  • Name of the attendant
  • Nature and extent of the disability 
  • Mobility (can the passenger walk without assistance?)
  • Does the passenger need medical or assistive devices during the flight?

Please inform us immediately of the following disabilities/conditions:

  • Risk of thrombosis 
  • Recent heart attack 
  • Stroke 
  • Respiratory tract diseases (bronchial asthma)
  • Pulmonary and cardiac diseases
  • Other conditions or disabilities that require medical assistive devices (e.g., inhaler/oxygen supply) or medication during the flight

This information should be with us approx. 7 – 14 days before departure, as we may need to consult with our Medical Services in individual cases.
Please make your special reservations as early as possible. Contact your travel agent or, for bookings made with Condor (booking partner: Condor), contact us directly by e-mail or phone at +49 6171 69-88978. You can reach us Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 19:00 o'clock and saturdays from 09:00 until 13:00 o'clock German time.

You can find more information about the rights of sick and disabled passengers on the European Commission's official website.  

Transportation Restrictions

Please understand that we are unable to offer transportation in the following cases: 

  • To anyone suffering from an infectious disease (e.g., open TBC, infectious hepatitis, chickenpox etc.) or who would require the use of the following during the flight:
  • A pneumatically operated device or an
  • Electrically operated device and would simultaneously need medical oxygen.

We can generally accept an unlimited number of visually or mobility-impaired passengers travelling with attendants. For safety reasons, we can only accept a limited number of visually or mobility-impaired persons traveling without an attendant on a flight. The actual number depends on the aircraft type. We ask that visually or mobility-impaired persons who wish to travel without an attendant contact our Special Reservations staff as early as possible.  

Seat Reservation

We have seats with lifting armrests, even on the aisle, to make boarding, deboarding and getting up during the flight easier for our passengers with severe mobility impairments who hold a severely-disabled card. Seats, including attendant seats, are reserved free of charge. Please note that the following seats cannot be assigned to sick or disabled passengers:

  • Mother-child (infant) row
  • Emergency exit (EXIT)

Details about seat reservation  

Additional Oxygen Supply in Flight

Passengers on Condor flights can bring and use a small tank of gaseous oxygen with a maximum capacity of 2 liters and a pressure of 200 bar (except on flights to the U.S., Canada or Mexico or on flights connecting in the U.S.).

You must give our  Special Reservation staff prompt advance notice of your oxygen unit. You will then receive a confirmation to present at check-in. Approval will be given and the certificate issued after the proposed journey has been positively assessed by our Medical Unit.  

Courtesy Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Transportation

Due to limited cabin space, passenger-owned wheelchairs may only be transported as checked baggage. However, they do not count against the passenger's baggage allowance. If the wheelchair physically cannot be loaded, we will have to refuse to transport it. If you require the use of a wheelchair, please make sure to note our check-in deadlines. Preboarding is offered at most airports.
We provide courtesy wheelchairs on board our aircraft. Please note that our flight attendants are only permitted to provide assistance from your seat to the lavatory door. Any additional assistance can only be provided by a registered companion. Please reserve this special service early (no later than 8 hours before the flight).

We will transport electric wheelchairs powered by a dry battery if, and only if:

  • The cables are disconnected from the battery
  • The battery terminals have been insulated
  • The battery is firmly mounted on the wheelchair

For safety reasons, we do not transport electric wheelchairs with spillable wet cell batteries. If you want to ask us about transporting your electric wheelchair, please make sure to provide us with the size and weight of the wheelchair. 

Please note:
If our Medical Services do not believe that an escort is required, then only a limited number of passengers with special disabilities may travel on a flight without a suitably qualified escort.

Detailed information for traveling with and without an attendant  

Transportation on a Stretcher

Basic prerequisites for the transportation of injured or unwell passengers on stretchers are confirmation of medical clearance (MEDA) by our Medical Services and the availability of the necessary seats (6 – 9 seats, depending on the aircraft type).
In general, the request for transportation on a stretcher should be made through the travel agent, insurance company or a rescue association.  

Service Animals

For security and capacity reasons, we can only accept dogs with a confirmed reservation and documented training. Service animals are transported free of charge. An animal passport is mandatory according to EU guidelines.

More information about service animals