NOTIX - Ticketless Flying

Can you check in with only an ID card and a booking confirmation? Yes; tickets are no longer required for flights booked with Condor.

Online Reservations

If you book online, your booking will automatically be made without a ticket. Here’s how:

  • Once you complete your online reservation, Condor sends you a booking confirmation. You should print this booking confirmation for your records.
  • A booking confirmation is also sent to the email address specified in your customer file. If you don't receive this information, please contact our Service Center.


Check-in with NOTIX

To check in with NOTIX, you will need the reservation confirmation and valid photo IDs (personal ID cards or passports) for all the travelers, including children and infants (please observe the visa and entry requirements of the transit and destination countries). You can also check in the night before with NOTIX. Please do not miss the check-in deadlines for all your outward and return flights. If you do not have your boarding pass by the specified time, the airline may give your seat to another passenger.
Please also observe the current regulations for your carry-on and free baggage and the information regarding the use of electronic devices on board our Condor aircraft.

Subject to change without notice.