Check-in counters in Germany/Vienna

Fully relaxed at the airport: Conveniently check in at home or in the office and print out your boarding pass straight away. Our Online Check-in is available between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to departure, and is open to all Condor customers, regardless of the selected booking class.


Terminal D


Terminal B near counters 195-203

Frankfurt Int.

Terminal 1, departure hall C

Economy Class: counters 779 – 785

Premium Economy Class: counters 773 – 774

Business Class: counters 752 – 753

AIRail Terminal, counters T18 - 19
07:00 - 21:00 hrs
The new check-in hall is located directly on the right in the connecting skyway when leaving the Frankfurt Airport Railway Station with its glass dome.

Transit area:
Passengers arriving in Frankfurt on a feeder flight are asked to go directly to the gate of their connecting flight.


Terminal C, counters 326 – 332


Terminal 2, line 8, 9 or 10


Shorthaul and mediumhaul flights: Terminal 2, marked counters
Longhaul flights: Terminal 1, counters C01 – C04


Central terminal (Zentralterminal)


Terminal 1, departure hall B North, close to the passport checkpoint, counters 102 - 108


Departure hall


Terminal 3, identified counters

Vienna (Condor flight number "DE" with a Thomas Cook aircraft)

Check-in 3, desks 324 - 328

(Subject to change without notice)